Black Tea

Rich, robust, & estate-sourced traditional leaves are the basis for all of our exciting black tea blends. We’re most known for our House blend, “Marie Antoinette”, and our unparalleled “Best Earl Grey”, but every black we offer has its own delectably unique charm. Have fun exploring!

Wandering Spirit Chocolate Cookie Chai

Not all those who wander are lost. Our exotic and rich blend of Belgian Chocolate, assam tea, ginger, cinnamon, cookie pieces and cardamom will rock your gypsy soul. Take the road less travelled.

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The Good Stuff Coconut Chai

It’s all good. Toasted coconut, vanilla bean, and organic chai spices combine with premium black tea for a yummy latte experience like no other. Add a splash of cream, and you just made a good thing even better! Goody, goody.

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Tea of Good Fortune

Dark cocoa, bright future.
Your stars are aligned with our dusky and delicious blend of Medjoul dates, cocoa nibs, vanilla bean pieces, and Ceylon black tea. Our prediction? You will soon meet a superior cup of tea.

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Blue Ribbon Butter Cookie

We stole the cookies from the cookie jar.
This bake-shop blend of amaretti biscuits, almonds, coconut, cardamom, pomegranate and premium Ceylon black is a rich & aromatic all-in-one treat. Serve it with a touch of milk or cream for an easy approach to high tea… you’re one smart cookie.

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Mr. Darcy’s Breakfast Blend

Meet your perfect match.
Be swept away every morning by this perfect blend of bright, lively estate teas, including full-bodied assam and specially selected jasmine. It’s rich & handsome, with a flawless character.

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Queen Bee Tea

It’s sweet to be queen.
This aromatic blend of ripe juicy strawberries, organic honey, and luxury black tea is exceptional served hot or iced – just tell “the help” which way you’d like it. You rule.

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Sterling Castle Scottish Breakfast

A bracing Highlander’s cup.
Malty, full-bodied character with bright robust notes and hints of cask oakiness. A wee taste of the old country.

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Imperial Russian Raspberry

Take tea like the Tsars.
An homage to the Russian tradition of adding raspberry jam to clear tea, our delightful blend features flavourful Arctic Nagoon raspberries — called “the berry of kings” in Russia. “Na zdorovje!”

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Tea at the Taj Vanilla Chai

Tea’s answer to the seven wonders.
Marvel at the taste of Madagascar vanilla and Malabar Coast spices paired with luxurious candied cardamom. Awe-inspiring.

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The Earl’s Mistress

It’s our Best Earl Grey with a decadent hint of cream.
England’s most classic tea, enhanced with a delicious creamy taste and sinfully smooth finish. A faithful Earl Grey lover? Prepare to be tempted.

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Marie Antoinette

Let them drink tea.
An extravagant and bourgeois blend of French mallow flowers, raspberries, rosehip, cranberries, calendula, and blueberries paired with lush assam black & estate green. It’s our tribute to LaDuree, the renowned Parisian bakery & teahouse. Stylish, decadent, and guaranteed to get the attention of the masses.

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Lady Godiva

Indulge your wild side with our luscious white chocolate truffle tea.
Premium grade Sri Lankan black tea infused with the sweet rich flavour of white Belgian chocolate for a taste that is creamy and unforgettable. A truly notorious cup.

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Best Earl Grey

The “little black dress” of teas.
A classic with good reason… our Earl Grey delivers an exceptional aroma that portends an exceptional taste. We ship this blend all over the world, and we’re told time & time again that it’s the best! Always in style.

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Wild Blueberry Hill

Find your thrills.
Enjoy the intoxicating aroma and sprightly flavour of ripe juicy blueberries with this high-grown Ceylon black tea. Excellent over ice, or served hot with a pinch of sugar.

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Chocolate Orange Velvet

Get rich quick.
Our decadent blend of dark and white Belgian chocolate, pungent oranges, essence of Satsuma, and premium Ceylon black is guaranteed to have you in the lap of luxury. (At least until the cup is empty.)

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Happy Thoughts Tea

Find your Never-Neverland.
Ripe blackberries, real maple syrup, and select wildflower blossoms infuse this magical and rare blend of estate assam and premium oolong teas. Our secret ingredient? Just a pinch of pixie dust.

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Georgia Peach Apricot

Sunshine, rosy cheeks, and the best iced tea ever.
This charming and tasty combination of mellow peaches with deep, full-flavoured apricots is guaranteed to delight. There are picnics in your future.

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Buddha’s Bliss Vanilla Lemon

Simple. Sublime.
Elevate each morning with a cup of this beautiful Sri Lankan blend. The tartness of lemon is mellowed and sweetened by the addition of pure Madagascar vanilla, for a fully rounded, almost creamy finish. Tea nirvana.

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Bollywood Blend

Premium estate assam with all the fanfare.
This 2nd flush Borengajuli tea is fresh-packed at the estate to capture and preserve its highly celebrated malty flavour notes. A guaranteed happy ending, every time.

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Mahnji’s Masala Chai

Experience our HOUSE CHAI… and live like a Raja.
An exotic chai assam tea, blended with cardamom and spices to create a rich, complex flavour that evokes the romance of India. Excellent when brewed with milk and sugar… even better with a touch of cream.

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The Mad Hatter’s Tea

Make every Un-birthday merry.
A mad-cap and wonderfully bold blend of Sri Lankan black with Brazilian guava, papaya, and lime leaves.
Why is a raven like a writing desk? Who knows… but it’s tea time!

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