Green Tea

Prized for its anti-oxidant and wellness properties, as well as its complex and earthy depth of flavours, premium green tea is a centuries old Eastern tradition that we carry on at The House of Leaves. Whether you’re looking for a classic estate green, or a delicious flavour-infused blend, you’ll be impressed with our quality.

Emerald City

We’re off to see the wizard. Our magical blend of sweet hawthorne fruit, Sencha, cornflower petals, blue pea flowers, and rosehip has a delightfully smooth flavour and a natural colour that will surprise you! Bright emerald tea? Only when monkeys fly.

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Pie in the Sky

Deep-dish delish.
All the aroma and flavor of fresh-baked apple pie! Cinnamon, nutmeg, & juicy golden apples combine with premium green tea for a feel-good cup. Better than mom used to make.

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Dragon Jasmine with Blossoms

Bring together heaven and earth with our sublime jasmine tea. From Fujian province in China, this delightful, aromatic green is accentuated by specifically selected May Jasmine blossoms. Elemental.

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The Bamboozle Blend

It’s a true Coombs original.
Get inspired with our truly unique blend of premium candied pecans and Japanese Sencha green. The remarkable flavour will have you coming back again and again for another taste. You bought that in Coombs??!? You bet.

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Victoria Cherry Rose

Our tribute to The Empress Tea Room.
A regal blend of superior quality green tea with sweet cherry and delicate rose petal, for an afternoon to remember. White gloves optional, but certainly appreciated.

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Toasted Rice Genmaicha

The real Tokyo Rose.
This popular and highly distinctive tea boasts a golden coloured cup with a toasty rice flavour tending sweet. The perfect tea to sip & tell.

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Pure Japan Sencha

A centuries old classic for the tea purist.
Often used in traditional tea ceremonies, this light and smooth tea has a time-honored, delicate depth. Become cultured with a single cup.

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The Summer of Strawberry

Turn on to our bohemian blend of sweet wild strawberries and smooth Sencha green for a far-out tea experience. It’s strawberry fields forever.

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