Herbal Tea

Our premium herbals at The House of Leaves are carefully selected for quality and purity — you will taste the difference this makes in every cup! Healthy and flavourful, all of our herbals are naturally caffeine-free…

Skinny Jeans Tea

Infuse, lose, pull on those blues.
Our slimming wellness blend is designed to rev up your metabolism while it brings balance to your mind and body, elevating energy levels, reducing stress, improving circulation & curbing your cravings – all gently and 100% naturally. A potent (and delicious!) detoxifying combination of anise, Chilean rosehip, licorice root, clove, […]

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Instant Therapy

The couch in a cup.
Get sane (and healthy) with our Wellness blend of peppermint, lemon verbena, anise, blackberry leaf, fennel, cinnamon, and premium rooibos. Anti-aging, anti-oxidant, stress-relieving, and slimming. And so much cheaper by the hour.

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Mermaid Tea

Lose yourself in the serenity of our HOUSE spa blend.
Created to cleanse and calm, this soothing organic herbal is the perfect apres spa (or apres anything) cup. Ginger, rosehip, hibiscus, chrysanthemum, and peach are brought together with a fresh & clean peppermint finish. Aaaaah…. serenity now.

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