Rooibos Tea

We’re famous for our rooibos at The House of Leaves! Literally translated as “red-bush” from the Afrikaans language, rooibos is a herbal tea from South Africa that boasts incredibly high levels of minerals, anti-oxidants, & flavanols. It is naturally caffeine-free, replaces electrolytes in the body, and has been used for centuries to aid in the relief of nervous tension, allergies, insomnia, and digestion troubles. Because of its low tannin levels, rooibos can be steeped for long periods and re-heated without any resulting bitterness, making it perfect for entertaining. Our custom rooibos blends boast premium estate quality leaves and a delectable range of flavours… the only hard part is choosing which one to try first!

Strawberry Champagne

Celebrate everything, everyday. Sweet organic strawberries, smooth rooibos, and sprightly rhubarb some together in this delightful dessert tea with notes of bubbly. Created because we believe in champagne for breakfast.

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Liquid Courage Lemon Ginger

Keep calm and drink tea! This bright blend of organic lemon zest, ginger root and rooibos will invigorate, energize, and de-stress your mind & body. It’s excellent with honey when you’re feeling under the weather, too.

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Midsummer Night’s Tea

Steeped in moonlight. And mischief.
Our ethereal blend of rooibos tea, passionfruit nectar, ripe papaya, apple, and Meyer lemon is a delightfully sweet dream! Lovers, to bed; ‘tis almost fairy time.

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Ruby Slippers

100% real raspberries? You’re not in Kansas anymore.
Our simple & sensational blend of luscious ripe raspberries and premium rooibos will have you clicking your heels together three times. There’s no place like home — especially at tea time!

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Skinny Jeans Tea

Infuse, lose, pull on those blues.
Our slimming wellness blend is designed to rev up your metabolism while it brings balance to your mind and body, elevating energy levels, reducing stress, improving circulation & curbing your cravings – all gently and 100% naturally. A potent (and delicious!) detoxifying combination of anise, Chilean rosehip, licorice root, clove, […]

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Lemon Drop

Make your troubles melt.
This naturally energizing, stress-relieving tea is a pleasing combination of real lemon, lemongrass, and smooth rooibos. Delicious served hot with honey, or chill for an iced classic in the summer.

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Brown Sugar Pecan

Home-made pecan pie the easy way.
Buttery pecans match with top quality caramel-kissed rooibos to create a flavour fresh from the oven. It’s your secret to perfect pastry.

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Play it again, Sam.
Start your love affair with this unexpected union of Ethiopian mocha espresso and cocoa-infused rooibos. Add steamed milk for a sublime (and caffeine-free) red latte. Here’s looking at you, kid.

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Queen of Hearts

Hold court.
Fine Italian marzipan and a dash of fruit cordial combine with premium rooibos to create this regal blend that always finishes smooth. Off with their heads? See how you feel after tea.

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Double-Dutch Licorice

Skip lively.
A charming and animated cup that matches the piquant flavour & aroma of dutch licorice with the mellow character of rooibos. Delicious at breakfast, lunch, and recess.

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Instant Therapy

The couch in a cup.
Get sane (and healthy) with our Wellness blend of peppermint, lemon verbena, anise, blackberry leaf, fennel, cinnamon, and premium rooibos. Anti-aging, anti-oxidant, stress-relieving, and slimming. And so much cheaper by the hour.

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Girl from Impanema

Experience the allure of our HOUSE rooibos.
An irresistibly exotic tea to leave them guessing… tropical pineapple and dusky walnut combine with Belgian chocolate and choice-grade rooibos for a sensuous finish. Samba in a cup.

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Toffee Creme Caramel

Calorie-free indulgence in a teacup.
This smooth rooibos will leave you wanting more with its rich tasting toffee notes and full buttery caramel flavour. Consume in moderation? No need.

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Sleepy Owl Rooibos Chai

Get some shut-eye.
Our aromatic masala spices blend with caffeine-free rooibos for a chai that’s robust and flavourful, but won’t keep you up all night. Try it with steamed milk for a delicious latte. What a hoot.

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Tea at Tiffany’s

Better than breakfast.
Indulge your taste for the finer things in life with our lusciously smooth blend of white Belgian chocolate truffle, cocoa, vanilla, premium rooibos, and a hint of fresh peppermint. It’s the diamond standard, dahling.

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Belgian Chocolate Mint

A classic flavour combination in a surprising new form.
Organic peppermint and cocoa pieces blend with choice-grade rooibos for a refreshing and dramatic taste. The tea-lover’s after-dinner mint.

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Joie de Vivre

Inspired by the spirit of Provence.
Splendid looking with a refined flavour, this rooibos is characterized by a floral and fruity bouquet punctuated with lavender & black currant notes. Add that certain “je ne sais quois” to your afternoons.

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Bourbon St. Vanilla

Exotic, jazzy depth with a rich vanilla soul.
Our most popular rooibos — a copper cup with the sweet, aromatic notes of fresh vanilla bean. It’s the Big Easy.

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Christopher Robin

Head back to the Hundred Acre Wood.
Our willy, nilly, silly blend of pure organic honey and premium rooibos is a cup of simple pleasure! Not just for bears of very little brain.

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Bella’s Blend

La Tua Cantante.
This intoxicating mix of wild blueberries, cranberries, blackberry leaves and delicate rooibos will leave you thirsting for more. Delicious morning, noon, and Twilight.

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Napoleon’s Breakfast

Sip and conquer.
Make history with our triumphant blend of luscious orchard peaches, invigorating candied ginger, and choice-grade rooibos. Your day just got more ambitious.

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Blue Hawaii

Tea at the Coco Palms Resort.
A tropical combination of ripe Hawaiian pineapple and island coconut, with a hint of dry rum. Rock-A-Hula Baby.

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Chocolate Magnolia

Cake in a cup.
Our tribute to the Magnolia Bakery in New York City, home of the world’s best chocolate cupcake! A delightful and velvety blend of Belgian chocolate pieces, cocoa nibs, and mellow rooibos. No cab fare required.

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